Topic 01

with the
Falco PrinciPLE

In customer relationship management such as marketing, communication or sales, a really good idea for starting a conversation is worth gold. She is our bait on the fishing hook of curiosity. It's like flirting: the rapid build-up of trust and uniqueness already decides in the first moments about whether or not an exciting discussion thread develops. With the Falco principle, you put an anchor of trust already in the first half sentence and then amaze your conversation partner. 

• How to get emotional approval from your interlocutor as soon as possible

• How to reach an agreement with the person you are talking about the starting point of the conversation

• How to clearly communicate your solution competence

• How to tell your story from an unusual and surprising perspective

• How to gain valuable time for order clarification and still score with emotion

Target group: Anyone who, in dialogue with customers and potential customers, needs to build trust and distinctiveness as quickly as possible - self-employed, entrepreneurs, executives, as well as marketing and sales staff



brought on the point

Clarity and visibility in the business create the conditions for perfect positioning and differentiation from the competition. The challenge here: How do you put your unique promise of service to the point that your message arrives immediately and can also easily be passed on?


• How to sort and weight your messages

• How to put a central message in the pole position of your positioning

• How to determine your values and derive the tonality in the communication

• How to develop and align your slogan, elevator pitch, vision and mission

• How to increase the motivation of your employees through a clear positioning


Target group: Entrepreneurs, the self-employed and executives, who strive for a standard-breaking positioning towards the competition and have to position themselves as attractive employers of the future.





Creativity is becoming more and more important in day-to-day business, marketing or communications - anyone can be a top creative if they have the right method. With the Creative Effectiveness method you systematically develop outstanding ideas for marketing and communication that are strategy-oriented and, at the same time, also very effective.


• How to methodically develop your full creativity potential

• How system gets the idea of ​​coincidence

• How an idea becomes a message that triggers a desired action

• How to develop great communication ideas in-house and work better with external agencies


Target group: Anyone who is looking for fresh ideas for marketing and communication in their day-to-day business, such as entrepreneurs, marketing and communications staff, conceptual designers, copywriters, graphic artists or multimedia producers.





Experience Design and Storybranding lead to staged customer experiences in tourism, in event and destination management as well as in the hotel industry. The guest is involved in the dramaturgy and staging of a story that is experienced with all senses. The place of the event is the venue, a hotel, a restaurant or a whole destination. This creates unique guest experiences as a highly emotional positioning, differentiation and unique position compared to the competition. Experience Design now also moves into corporate worlds and helps to better communicate, understand and live the role image in the corporate context.


• What is "Experience Culture" and how does this affect your business?

• How to develop distinctive guest experiences with an authentic story

• How to find their rough diamonds and turn them into an individual script that becomes a brand story

• How to keep firing up your brand story and turning your customers into highly enthusiastic brand

ambassadors with highly emotional guest experiences or a new customer experience



Target group: Tourism, hotel industry, gastronomy, event and destination management, companies in transition as well as in the reorientation regarding values ​​and positioning





In B2B markets, personal contact and the quality of relationship management determine success. A clear story, which is understandable on all continents and markets, saves valuable time for order clarification, reduces distribution costs and communicates uniform brand values: Selling by Storytelling!


• How to get all stakeholders on board and focus on a common goal

• How to set a unique takeoff point for developing your corporate story

• How to determine the tonality of your story and how it transports your corporate culture

• How to stage your entrepreneurial story and use it in different media formats



Target audience: B2B industry leaders and hidden champions, entrepreneurs, owners, CxO levels, marketing, communications, brand management, sales, research & development and human resources decision makers.


Topic 06


iN business

Private and professional decisions are increasingly being determined not only by objectively comprehensible facts, but also by emotions - from emotional, individual assessments. Is intuition as a factor of success only a passing fad or an indispensable element of the perception of a holistic perspective in decisions?


• How to raise your inner voice

• How to activate your intuitive knowledge in yourself

• How to connect with your inner voice and feel for yourself what's right or wrong

• How to argue intuitively made decisions in fact in business


Target group: Anyone who makes decisions in business or private life and wants to use and use intuition as a success factor in making decisions