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In November 2017, Gregor Jasch published Creative Effectiveness Cookbook - How to methodically develop and serve up fresh ideas for marketing and communication campaigns as a Kindle eBook on Amazon and immediately achieved top rankings (#2 twice and #3 once in three categories) in the Amazon bestseller rankings.


In May 2018, Gregor Jasch participated as one of 93 authors in the joint book project 93 Ideas from Speakers that Change You and the World. Valuable suggestions for business and private life from 93 forward and lateral thinkers. Already on the first day of sale, it was the best-selling online reference book of the month in Germany as well as #3 in the Amazon Bestseller overall ranking and #1 in three reference book categories!  


His enthusiasm for Japanese culture drew Gregor Jasch's attention to the book Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life by Francesc Miralles and Héctor García (Kirai). Through a synchronicity, Gregor Jasch and Frances Miralles met and a friendship developed. This led to Francesc Miralles now writing the foreword to Gregor Jasch's new book project, which is represented internationally by Sandra Bruna Agencia Literaria and in Germany and the Netherlands by SvH Literary Agency. 

Recommendation, verified Amazon purchase

"A really great and certainly very helpful recipe book for anyone working in and with the creative industries in the broadest sense who wants successful campaigning explained in an understandable way - whether you're on the agency or client side."

Gracis Gunkel, 24 Novemer 2017 Self-employed Conceptual Designer, Creative Director & Photographer

Recommendation, verified Amazon purchase

I "devoured" the book yesterday. It is not only a guide to better understand the complex question of where do I want to go with my company/product, it is also a wonderful mirror for managers to think outside the box and understand that success must also be planned for the medium and long term. The whole thing is easily prepared garnished with best practice examples, all comprehensible and in the form of a cookbook quite entertaining! Congratulations!!

Klaus Pilz, November 14, 2017, Managing Director Health Service Provider from Germany