Clarity and visibility in business create the prerequisite for perfect positioning and differentiation from the competition. This applies to companies as well as to personal branding (the development of a person into a brand).


The development of a brand is comparable to the development of an apple tree in nature. Already in the seed, all the information is stored in the DNA that the tree will later need to develop and assert itself in nature: 


  • The location factors, which are needed for a good development.

  • The brand identity, such as the shape, growth, leaf form - an apple tree is unmistakably determined by the attributes of an apple tree and this appearance is familiar to us and allows us to easily recognize an apple tree in nature

  • Marketing & Distribution: Blossom, seed and fruit are clearly defined, as are the bees that are needed to ensure successful propagation in the "distribution" of pollen. 


Years ago I produced a film about this with my then agency PlanB, which has not lost any of its topicality. (I sold the PlanB brand in 2019, because I had developed myself as a person Gregor Jasch as a personal brand to a strong brand and no longer need PlanB).

Change will never be this slow again!

Change will never be this slow again!

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In the module "Positioning & Shopping Cart" we define exactly the attributes (identity, values, tonality) that we want to put on display for the planned positioning and develop for this purpose the brand identity we are aiming for in the future, like "Apple Tree".


Really good ideas are necessarily true by WHAT they say and tell the message from an unusual perspective, the HOW.


For this reason, it is important to first define WHAT we do before we talk about execution, the HOW (for example of a logo). 


To do this, we analyze the following four topics: 


  • Target group

  • Products/Services

  • Differentiation from the competition 

  • Development of our future desired brand personality 

  • Definition of our shopping basket (what do we sell online or stationary) 


The challenge: How do you get to the heart of your unique value proposition in such a way that your message comes across immediately and can be easily retold? 


We work out together: 


  • How to sort and weight your messages

  • How to put a central message in the pole position of your positioning

  • How your values determine the tonality of your communication

  • How to develop and align your slogan, elevator pitch, vision and mission

  • Which shopping cart you will sell online in the future


Target audience: entrepreneurs, self-employed, speakers, trainers, coaches - anyone who wants to freely sell their vocation and expertise in the marketplace and is looking for a norm-breaking positioning to the competition. 


The developed content serves as a springboard into the idea management process and into storytelling for further communication as well as for the implementation in the next module "Staging".