Gregor Jasch helps entrepreneurs, SMEs, self-employed and start-ups to align their business for the future with proven methodology, without failing due to the complexity of digitalization.


As a proven marketing expert and internationally awarded producer of business films as well as photographer, he has worked on all continents and today develops e-commerce portals and platforms, writes books and shares his experience as a speaker on the subject of success. 


"I strongly believe that everyone should take advantage of life's opportunities to develop their full potential, desires and aspirations for maximum success - change will never happen this slowly again, NOW is the best time to start!"


In his youth he shared the rehearsal room with Falco and as manager of the anarcho-cult band Drahdiwaberl he organized their legendary concert performance in New York in 1991. As book author and expert for digitalization, brand & story as well as new business development he develops and accompanies people, ideas and entrepreneur into success. 

Gregor Jasch finds the right strategy and the right partners for visionaries, entrepreneurs and startups to turn an idea into long-lasting & sustainable success.

Gregor Jasch helps people and companies in transformation to continuously develop their vision as a unique brand and successful business.

Gregor Jasch develops and produces films for the rapid build-up of trust and identity in the 1:1 conversation which become brand signature stories.


Gregor Jasch produces YouTube interviews in TV talk show format for speakers, coaches, entrepreneurs and companies for social media, lead generation and websites.

Gregor Jasch develops people into the distinctive public figures and personal brands - in online coaching, group workshops and private coaching.

Gregor Jasch inspires people as a book author and motivational speaker for change, mindset, positioning, creativity and transformation into success.



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Gregor Jasch develops ideas, people and companies to success.

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