Career Telegram: "Born in Vienna, between the ages of 14 to 18 years in Vienna and LA in school, as an entrepreneur of the heart and the arts at the age of 21 as a musician with Falco shared the rehearsal room, as a journalist (TV, radio, print , Photographer) and as an organizer in adult education (workshops rock, pop, jazz) independently. First customers for marketing and event 1986: Apple Austria & AKG Acoustics. Band management of the political anarcho-band Drahdiwaberl to New York, from 1990 board and founding members of several advertising & marketing agencies, worldwide B2B support for AKG Acoustics / Harman International with focus on USA, from 2012 focus on corporate film with numerous international Awards, since 2015 lecturer, author, Creative Sparring Partner and Business Development in Europe, Asia, America and Australia ...

Gregor Jasch Karriere Telegramm
Teaching, guest lectures & speaking

  • Institut für Entrepreneurship Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien

  • Fachhochschule Joanneum Graz

  • WIFI Wien

Creative Entrepreneurship
  • Already at the age of 16 years Gregor Jasch began his first journalistic activities as a music editor and photographer at Print (Falter, Rennbahn Express), radio (jukebox) and TV (No Muzzle, Okay) and founded his first band in the rehearsal room by Thomas Rabitsch (bandleader Falco) in the Brunnengasse where he found not only a lot of inspiration, but also a broad network for the future.

  • With the Art Institute Vienna, Gregor Jasch paved the way for music education in popular music throughout Austria and held music seminars with musicians from the bands of Falco, Drahdiwaberl or Hallucination Company as well as Karl Ratzer and Police producer Nigel Gray with more than 4,000 participants per year

  • ,Close cooperation with pro-audio and electronic manufacturers such as AKG Acoustics, Apple Austria or Yamaha Music led to intensive partnerships and the focus on advertising and marketing from about 1990 with intensive activities as founder, board member or CEO of various agencies and worldwide activities for AKG Acoustics for more than two decades.

  • Today, Gregor Jasch serves as executive sparring partner on executive and board level in Europe, Asia, Australia and USA, supporting creative leadership, branding, strategic marketing, branding, storytelling, business development, digital transformation and innovation.


  • Creative Coach & Keynote Speaker in German and English, requests for keynotes, lectures, interviews and participation in business talks book online

  • PlanB Film & Media GmbH Managing Partner and Founder 2000-2019 Branding, Positioning, Storytelling & Corporate Film

  • Business Development & Consulting for various companies in industry, tourism, media, electronics & electroacoustics as well as digital platforms

The fine arts
  • Film producer for Corporate Film & Corporate Communications since 2005, more than 15 international awards in the years 2011-2017

  • Slide guitar French & Italian chansons formation Ménage à Trois

  • Management of the Viennese Political Anarcho-Band "Drahdiwaberl" - Organization of the legendary performance at the New Music Seminar in New York 1991

  • Studied electroacoustic composition and sound engineering at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna

  • Founding & Board Art Institute Vienna 1984-2000 Organization of music seminars in the field of rock, pop and jazz throughout Austria


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