Even as a young man, I had an aversion to being pressed into shape. Life has so many facets - why should I conform to only one? 


As a committed young Viennese musician, I shared the rehearsal room with Falco, became manager of the band Drahdiwaberl, where Falco started as bass player, and was lucky: Already my first business idea - organizing and hosting music seminars for popular music - became a complete success right from the start!


At that time I was 21 years old and the foundation of my professional life was laid: I became an independent entrepreneur, in which my idea was allowed to develop independently into success in the world of reality.


Since then, I have led my ideas to success many times as an entrepreneur and designer of reality - and have reinvented myself over and over again.


What luck! I escaped the constraint of form and today, as a book author and speaker, I inspire and encourage others to do the same.  Dare and become the designer of your own reality! 


Let yourself be inspired, I wish you lots of new insights and especially lots of success!

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