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  • Why is it so important in B2B relationship management to convey solution competence within a few minutes?

  • Why do not only information, but also emotions play such an important role in technical products or services?

  • How do you manage to establish trust and uniqueness in a personal conversation after only three minutes and begin with the clarification of the order?

With "Selling by storytelling" with a highly emotional video format, you reduce your distribution costs and communicate identical brand messages worldwide in direct conversation, right at the first appointment (not on YouTube) .It works like a good glass of sparkling wine, relaxes and stimulates the mood to get the conversation started with questions that help you reach your sales goal faster and stay in your memory longer.


The way to get there is via the "Creative Effectiveness Method", a proven process that takes all stakeholders on board and guarantees you emotional participation, so that you can ensure that your video story also "works" in international B2B relationship management beeing successfully used.


The best part: music leads through the film and arouses strong emotions. Use the method of falling in love to create a strong customer loyalty and come to a conclusion faster!

Practical example: Explore the world of Plasser & Theurer and experience how fast the trust and solution competence can be established in international B2B markets.


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