"I firmly believe that everyone should seize the opportunities of the moment,

to make their lives successful. 


NOW is the best time to set the course for the future.


This is how wishes, dreams and talent develop into reality and unfold their full potential into success.


Change will never be this slow again."

As an entrepreneur, proven marketing expert and multiple international award-winning producer of business films as well as photographer, Gregor Jasch works on all continents and shares his experience as a speaker and book author on the topics of transformation to success, back to the future and experience economy.

About success

Success is the ability to reinvent yourself again and again: 3 - 2 - 1 -> NOW!

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Gregor Jasch was a great enrichment for our first digital event - the Brand Vision Summit of Brand Club Austria.


Not only did he inspire us in his presentation, but he also exchanged expertise with the participants at eye level in a brand session.


Humanly and professionally an absolute enrichment - thank you!


Charlotte Hager, President Brand Club Austria, 2020




Gregor Jasch is truly a designer of reality! From his richly-founded life insights and his know-how in the field of "People-Digital-Business-Transformation" he has created a unique offer.

With his modules "Positioning" and "Staging" Gregor manages in an excellently efficient and charming way to understand ideas and thoughts and to position, recapitulate and enrich them in such a way that something completely attractive, ingenious is created, even staged, without changing the core content.

His methodical and system-based approach underpins the highest level of professionalism and ensures that his services can be reproduced as often as desired in consistently high quality. One can only recommend Gregor when it comes to positioning and staging clearly, freshly and also provocatively (e.g. in the form of a webpage or an e-commerce store for products or services). This is an unrestricted recommendation, i.e. a net promotor score of highest points. Thank you.


Prof. Dr. Alexander Grohmann (University of Aalen Digital Sales & Digitalization) 


Gregor Jasch inspired and touched the members and guests with his great lecture Herzens -Intelligenz - wie wir mit Brain & Soul Spirit und kreativer Energie den Erfolg anziehen in the Brain & Soul Network-Club Munich. His storytelling about the extraordinary, enriching human experiences, adventures and encounters that he experiences and passes on worldwide in the context of his creative work deserves special mention. Gregor Jasch is a great human enrichment, chapeau 👍👏 


Daniela Sandvoss, Founder & Board Brain & Soul Network-Club, Munich 2019